3 Victims of Anal Cavity Searches in New Mexico — rape under color of authority?

In New Mexico, two men have come forward thus far, alleging that they have suffered brutal and excessive and anal cavity searches for being suspected of harboring drugs on their bodies.

David Eckert was subjected to “x-rays, digital anal penetration, enemas and a colonoscopy” at a medical center in acounty not listed on a warrant after the search warrant had expired. That’s right, police officers had medical doctors perform an invasive procedure on a man who had been forced to undergo multiple enemas and x-rays, all against his consent. It now turns out that two other citizens of New Mexico had this happen, Timothy Young, also for suspicion of having drugs on his body after an alleged traffic violation, and an unidentified woman who was additionally subject to a vaginal search, this time in El Pase after crossing the border into the United States.

The first two searches were performed by physicians and staff at Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, New Mexico. These searches took hours.

It also appears from the Huffington Post article that these searches might not be legally problematic for the officers involved in committing the brutalities because the US Supreme Court okayed the violation of Fourth Amendment rights for suspected drug mules. That’s right, police officers and doctors legally committing rape under the guise of the Drug War.

The HP quotes  Associate Justice William Brennan dissent in United States v. Montoya de Herandez, “Indefinite involuntary incommunicado detentions ‘for investigation’ are the hallmark of a police state, not a free society.”

Again, we should ask ourselves some fundamental questions before we begin to look for what rights we have.

Is New Mexico so crime-free that the police officers can spend hours in the hospital monitoring repeated post-enema bowel movements? Can police officers in New Mexico read well enough to accurately serve a search warrant? Do doctors in New Mexico need investigated for rape? Can doctors in New Mexico read search warrants?

Do we have to give up the Bill of Rights in order to live freely, and is it worth it?



De-escalate first, don’t swat

IMG_2352 copy_GL1TCH3DA few years ago I was at school when the student in charge of the lab I was entering explained to me that she a little occupied and could not help me right away. She had just had to call the police on an aggressive young magazine salesman. You know these pee-brains: hired by the vanful, selling magazines for their “college education,” and then they become threatening when you don’t buy a subscription. The police do need to go after these groups and arrest them, and local governments need to establish this to get them out of your town, stopping this practice. I assume they target mostly seniors and possibly immigrants.

So, eventually the local police came because the campus police were out on a call. The police officer stopped the guy who had been harrassing the young woman student and started jiving with him; eventually he got the guy to leave, talked to the van driver, got them all to leave.

Another friend of mine, however, was upset with the police officer for not arresting the young man and for chatting with him. She yelled in the officer’s face; really yelled at him. The officer took it, shrugged, and went on about his business, unlike the Atlantic City police officers who had their wittle bitty egos wounded by the 20-year-old young man who mouthed off to them.

When my friend explained to me what she had done, I had to tell her that she was in the wrong. What the police officer was doing was de-escalating a situation. He was purposefully not telling the young man that he would be arrested, he was purposefully not arresting him, he was purposefully not giving him orders, he was purposefully not threatening him; in fact, the police officer was not doing anything that would anger the young man while he was on campus around a lot of other students. My friend was very suprised to hear this, but realized it was probably true and apologized to the officer.

I realized that the police officer was de-escalating the situation, because I knew Oakland police officers who had described their training. When you have two people in a fracas, even when one is obviously in the wrong, and the other obviously in the right, you can sometimes make things go badly when you side with the one who is right; sometimes you need to just de-escalate the human tensions; and, to do this, you begin by befriending the one who is in the wrong, preferably out of hearing of the one who is in the right.

Police officers with SWAT trainging aren’t doing this. They are grabbing the hair of women protesters and pulling it. They are macing students sitting on the ground. They are a standing army at war with the citizenry of the United States, and they have been trained to this behavior by the Deparment of Homeland Security. It is not necessary for our protection as US citizens for the police to be up in arms against us. It is illegal for a standing army to fight us. Protesting is your patriotic duty as an American. If you don’t like it, don’t leave; you’re an American: protest.

One area in which the police are seriously deficient to the detriment of citizens, even worse, to the death of citizens, is in responding to crises concerning mentally ill citizens. The police have no training in how to de-escalate with the mentally ill, and they have no training in how to deal with the mentally ill. So, they do what they’ve been armed by the Department of Homeland Insecurity to do: they shoot to kill. It is time to stop this. Police officers are our neighbors, our friends, our family, our fellow citizens; they are not a standing army to fight their fellow citizens.


Support for First Nations Protesters Facing RCMP Brutality in Canada

Glitched image of SWN Oil Rig from a brochure on their Canada site

As long as we use oil, we need to drill for it; but that doesn’t mean we have to drill everywhere, and governments should discuss drilling permits before protests are launched. When people protest the actions of their governments, they should not be brutalized by the police.

My blog will focus on discussing police brutality in the United States. However, I would like my limited audience, thus far, of readers and followers, to please offer their support by raising issues and discussing what is going on in Canada right now. An American oil and gas company out of Houston, Texas, Southwestern Energy (http://www.swn.com), also known as SWN Canada, while in Canada (http://www.swnnb.ca/), is doing exploration for unconventional gas plays in New Brunswick (http://www.swn.com/operations/Pages/nb.aspx). This concerns First Nations people living in the area, and they have been protesting and have created a blockade.

I think that a company that “has the greatest respect for landowners,” and is working on developing potentially environmentally unsound gas extraction techniques, should understand and discuss the work with the First Nations on the land, rather than sending in riot police to remove these land dwellers from raising issues that could impact their living.


Please check it out, read the news, repost your own comments.


(But do a news search also.)

Philly Police Officer Philip Nace On Youtube Again… Being A Bully

Philly Police Officer Philip Nace On Youtube Again… Being A Bully.

Altered screen capture from video of Officer Philip Nace

Screen capture from video.

Read the opening paragraph of this philly.com story about Officer Nace, and remember this, MOST PHILLY COPS do it right. One shift after another, they put their lives on the line for people they don’t know. They lock up the bad guys and try to make it home to their families in one piece.”

Then take out “PHILLY” and remember, “MOST COPS do it right.” They work hard and dangerous jobs; the pay is okay, not great compared to the danger; but they earn every penny of it risking their lives. It is hard as a civilian to understand why the majority of good police men and women protect bad officers like this and allow him to go about beating up the people they are paid to serve and protect. They do it because it’s a leadership issue. All the Philadelphia PD have to say about taking care of the situation now is meaningless; this officer needed to be off the street before he took down a neighborhood basketball hoop.

It also does not appear like Officer Nace’s partner is up to any good or has been pulled off of patrol. The partner needs to go also. These police officers are bullies hiding under color of authority.

It is also time, in light of these tapes, to review evidence in cases where civilians have reported inappropriate and dangerous actions by bullying Police Officer Nace. Where the charges have been dropped. Because it now appears to be the case that this officer has been, for a long long time, bullying, assaulting and generally behaving dangerously badly to those he is paid to protect and serve. It also appears that the Philadelphia Police Department have known about Officer Philip Nace for a long time and have been allowing him to get away with this.

I gotta tell you, if you have police officers who have so much time on their hands, if crime in your city is so well-contained, if you have officers that are so bored, and you have so little crime, and your streets are so safe (Philadelphia!?), that your police officers are taking down neighborhood basketball hoops, then you need a new police chief and a new city government, because you’re in deep.

It’s not only something “that’s going to be tolerated,” it’s obviously something that was known about and tolerated for a long time until citizens started filming it.

Thank you, http://malikalove.com/, for the share!


Atlantic City Police, Another Standing Army Created by the Department of Homeland Insecurity

5Not impressively but belatedly, the City Council of Atlantic City is listening to citizens about police brutality complaints, including discussions about the recent police beating of David Connor Castellani, recently savaged by a K-9 dog whose handler has a history of complaints for police brutality. Remember Castellani was the young man who taunted police officers from across the street of a casino. Taunted. From across the street. College student. 20 years old.

As with most police forces where you have this type of brutality, it appears the city has too many cops, because they have no crime to fight and have turned to assaulting residents for a pastime. 

The typical response when police officers brutality assault a citizen for taunting them is that the police department then presses charges for assault against the victim. Police officers who trump up charges, attempting to frame an innocent citizen, after beating that citizen up, should be held accountable by the courts. This is a crime to press false assault charges against a citizen whom the police have physically assaulted. It is an attempt by the police department to terrorize citizens an establish an atmosphere of fear.

Speak up at City Council meetings; do not allow the police, who are paid to serve and protect you, to frame citizens for crimes in retaliation for filing complaints for police brutality.

Take back the night? Take back your local police department from the Department of Homeland Insecurity’s paramilitarization of police departments.




Philadelphia Police Officers Caught On Tape Nabbing Two Guys For Talking To Stranger Video

Essentially, police officers yelling and being verbally abusive to Americans. Listen to the whole thing, to hear what it sounds like when you commit the high crime of greeting strangers in Philadelphia.

Officer Philip Nace, screaming, yelling, while the citizens are maintaining an even voice, in spite of their general shock at the way this horrid cop is treating them. The guy is being treated not as if he committed a crime, but as if he is the scum of the earth, and he is not mouthing off. The police officer is yelling, screaming, taking out all his stresses on a guy who said, “Hi,” to a stranger.

Once more, I am so happy that Philadelphia has such a low crime rate that police officers can take 8 minutes out of their day to antagonize citizens of the United States for the crime of saying, “Hi” to strangers. A little sarcasm there, but I am happy that citizens come armed with camera phones. The police officer stopped a man on the street for no crime; the officer then acted in far worse than a disrespectful manner to the citizen, he yelled, screamed, verbally battered the citizen, falsely accused him of crimes. In general, the Philadelphia Police Department appears to think that its job is to identify American citizens as the scum of the Earth and then treat them as such.

“I’ll grab you anyway I got to!”
“Everybody thinks they’re a fucking lawyer, and they don’t know jack!”

“Nice neighborhoods they like the police.”
Well, maybe the nice neighborhoods have nice police officers; but, if one of the nice neighborhoods had police officers in it like Officer Philip Nace, then that nice neighborhood would contact the police chief and their local representatives and get Officer Philip Nace removed from their neighborhood. So, it’s no wonder nice neighborhoods like the police, the don’t have Officer Philip Nace patrolling them.

Philadelphia is a crime-ridden American city. It’s police officers should not be trained to think they have the luxury of wasting their time treating citizens as scum; they should be fighting crime for the citizens they are supposed to be protecting and serving.