The Taunting of Peace Officers


David Connor Castellani is 20 years old and was shown the door of a casino for being only 20. Police officers talked to the young man outside the casino, then Mr. Castellani walked off. When he was across the street, he started mouthing off at the police officers. The police officers ignored him for a few minutes, then they headed across the street to assault Mr. Castellani for saying bad words. All this was captured on a surveillance video taken by a camera outside the casino. Cameras near casinos!

Okay, Atlantic City police apparently can’t take the heat of someone mouthing off to them, and two officers, then five, headed over to beat up Mr. Castellani. Soon a K-9 vehicle arrived while the young man was on the ground being pummeled by the first five officers. This was a very special K-9 vehicle though, not just an ordinary one. K-9 officer Sterling Wheaten has been sued multiple times by citizens and investigated by the Atlantic City police internal affairs on numerous occasions for excessive use of force. Castellani  was prone, rather beaten up already, but Officer Wheaten had the dog go for Castellani ‘s neck. Eventually the young man needed 200 stitches. That will teach him to exercise his first amendment rights!

So what’s going  on here? Are Atlantic City Police officers such wimps that five of them could not take down a prone man they were punching, kneeing and kicking about the head? Such wimps that they needed to add dog bites to a neck that was already torn to shreds by their knees and fists?

And now the young man is being charged with aggravated assault. So, did he assault the officers by forcing them to punch, kick and knee his head through his arms as he tried to protect himself? So the police officers got bruises from Castellani’s arms being in the way of Castellani’s head? I’m trying to see Castellani’s assault in the video. I don’t.

Or, maybe the real aggravation and assault is what he said, maybe it was, “Na na na na na,” that he said to the Atlantic City police officers. That would require a K-9, since the sissies couldn’t take it to be called names, they obviously couldn’t take it for the five of them to arrest a young man. Is that the assault, the taunting?

I don’t know if police officers have always been this aggressive. Screws certainly was an asshole with a tiny ego that wounded easily back in 1945, but vicious police actions against blacks, who were also being lynched by their local politicians on dirty sheet night back then, was kinda the norm, back then. We’ve moved beyond that. We have to have. This is the twenty first century, not the early or mid twentieth pre civil rights century. But it seems that Atlantic City police officer Sterling Wheaten, like Screws, also has a fragile ego that needs protected by beating up loud mouths. Remember, that was part of Hall’s crime, the outrage that caused Hall’s death, Hall was also using insulting language against a police officer.

Is crime so low in Atlantic City that the police can afford to sic six police officers and a K-9 on a single citizen, because the officers are doing nothing else? No murders, no rapes, nothing that required the attention of these officers, and, therefore, they could afford to take care of that bad name-calling young man and teach him a lesson, the anti-free speech lesson.

To his credibility, in a recent interview, Castellani says that even after this he knows that not all police officers are bad. This is true. But these police officers are very bad. And they are incompetent. And, their tender egos may prove a hazard in real crime situations.!/news/local/K9-Officer-Faced-Many-Excessive-Force-Claims/225604642


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