Philadelphia Police Officers Caught On Tape Nabbing Two Guys For Talking To Stranger Video

Essentially, police officers yelling and being verbally abusive to Americans. Listen to the whole thing, to hear what it sounds like when you commit the high crime of greeting strangers in Philadelphia.

Officer Philip Nace, screaming, yelling, while the citizens are maintaining an even voice, in spite of their general shock at the way this horrid cop is treating them. The guy is being treated not as if he committed a crime, but as if he is the scum of the earth, and he is not mouthing off. The police officer is yelling, screaming, taking out all his stresses on a guy who said, “Hi,” to a stranger.

Once more, I am so happy that Philadelphia has such a low crime rate that police officers can take 8 minutes out of their day to antagonize citizens of the United States for the crime of saying, “Hi” to strangers. A little sarcasm there, but I am happy that citizens come armed with camera phones. The police officer stopped a man on the street for no crime; the officer then acted in far worse than a disrespectful manner to the citizen, he yelled, screamed, verbally battered the citizen, falsely accused him of crimes. In general, the Philadelphia Police Department appears to think that its job is to identify American citizens as the scum of the Earth and then treat them as such.

“I’ll grab you anyway I got to!”
“Everybody thinks they’re a fucking lawyer, and they don’t know jack!”

“Nice neighborhoods they like the police.”
Well, maybe the nice neighborhoods have nice police officers; but, if one of the nice neighborhoods had police officers in it like Officer Philip Nace, then that nice neighborhood would contact the police chief and their local representatives and get Officer Philip Nace removed from their neighborhood. So, it’s no wonder nice neighborhoods like the police, the don’t have Officer Philip Nace patrolling them.

Philadelphia is a crime-ridden American city. It’s police officers should not be trained to think they have the luxury of wasting their time treating citizens as scum; they should be fighting crime for the citizens they are supposed to be protecting and serving.


4 thoughts on “Philadelphia Police Officers Caught On Tape Nabbing Two Guys For Talking To Stranger Video

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    • I do discourage people from thinking of police officers as not real people. Nothing about my horror at the brutality of police to citizens, with this post-9/11 paramilitarized police world, suggests to me that cop killing is a solution that brings about a better world. We have to be better than our oppressors, and that is what makes this video so important: the men in the video being harassed by the police are so obviously not perpetuating a crime, and they are not doing anything that says the police should be paying attention to them.

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