Atlantic City Police, Another Standing Army Created by the Department of Homeland Insecurity

5Not impressively but belatedly, the City Council of Atlantic City is listening to citizens about police brutality complaints, including discussions about the recent police beating of David Connor Castellani, recently savaged by a K-9 dog whose handler has a history of complaints for police brutality. Remember Castellani was the young man who taunted police officers from across the street of a casino. Taunted. From across the street. College student. 20 years old.

As with most police forces where you have this type of brutality, it appears the city has too many cops, because they have no crime to fight and have turned to assaulting residents for a pastime. 

The typical response when police officers brutality assault a citizen for taunting them is that the police department then presses charges for assault against the victim. Police officers who trump up charges, attempting to frame an innocent citizen, after beating that citizen up, should be held accountable by the courts. This is a crime to press false assault charges against a citizen whom the police have physically assaulted. It is an attempt by the police department to terrorize citizens an establish an atmosphere of fear.

Speak up at City Council meetings; do not allow the police, who are paid to serve and protect you, to frame citizens for crimes in retaliation for filing complaints for police brutality.

Take back the night? Take back your local police department from the Department of Homeland Insecurity’s paramilitarization of police departments.–225896801.html


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