Philly Police Officer Philip Nace On Youtube Again… Being A Bully

Philly Police Officer Philip Nace On Youtube Again… Being A Bully.

Altered screen capture from video of Officer Philip Nace

Screen capture from video.

Read the opening paragraph of this story about Officer Nace, and remember this, MOST PHILLY COPS do it right. One shift after another, they put their lives on the line for people they don’t know. They lock up the bad guys and try to make it home to their families in one piece.”

Then take out “PHILLY” and remember, “MOST COPS do it right.” They work hard and dangerous jobs; the pay is okay, not great compared to the danger; but they earn every penny of it risking their lives. It is hard as a civilian to understand why the majority of good police men and women protect bad officers like this and allow him to go about beating up the people they are paid to serve and protect. They do it because it’s a leadership issue. All the Philadelphia PD have to say about taking care of the situation now is meaningless; this officer needed to be off the street before he took down a neighborhood basketball hoop.

It also does not appear like Officer Nace’s partner is up to any good or has been pulled off of patrol. The partner needs to go also. These police officers are bullies hiding under color of authority.

It is also time, in light of these tapes, to review evidence in cases where civilians have reported inappropriate and dangerous actions by bullying Police Officer Nace. Where the charges have been dropped. Because it now appears to be the case that this officer has been, for a long long time, bullying, assaulting and generally behaving dangerously badly to those he is paid to protect and serve. It also appears that the Philadelphia Police Department have known about Officer Philip Nace for a long time and have been allowing him to get away with this.

I gotta tell you, if you have police officers who have so much time on their hands, if crime in your city is so well-contained, if you have officers that are so bored, and you have so little crime, and your streets are so safe (Philadelphia!?), that your police officers are taking down neighborhood basketball hoops, then you need a new police chief and a new city government, because you’re in deep.

It’s not only something “that’s going to be tolerated,” it’s obviously something that was known about and tolerated for a long time until citizens started filming it.

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