Support for First Nations Protesters Facing RCMP Brutality in Canada

Glitched image of SWN Oil Rig from a brochure on their Canada site

As long as we use oil, we need to drill for it; but that doesn’t mean we have to drill everywhere, and governments should discuss drilling permits before protests are launched. When people protest the actions of their governments, they should not be brutalized by the police.

My blog will focus on discussing police brutality in the United States. However, I would like my limited audience, thus far, of readers and followers, to please offer their support by raising issues and discussing what is going on in Canada right now. An American oil and gas company out of Houston, Texas, Southwestern Energy (, also known as SWN Canada, while in Canada (, is doing exploration for unconventional gas plays in New Brunswick ( This concerns First Nations people living in the area, and they have been protesting and have created a blockade.

I think that a company that “has the greatest respect for landowners,” and is working on developing potentially environmentally unsound gas extraction techniques, should understand and discuss the work with the First Nations on the land, rather than sending in riot police to remove these land dwellers from raising issues that could impact their living.

Please check it out, read the news, repost your own comments.

(But do a news search also.)


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