3 Victims of Anal Cavity Searches in New Mexico — rape under color of authority?

In New Mexico, two men have come forward thus far, alleging that they have suffered brutal and excessive and anal cavity searches for being suspected of harboring drugs on their bodies.

David Eckert was subjected to “x-rays, digital anal penetration, enemas and a colonoscopy” at a medical center in acounty not listed on a warrant after the search warrant had expired. That’s right, police officers had medical doctors perform an invasive procedure on a man who had been forced to undergo multiple enemas and x-rays, all against his consent. It now turns out that two other citizens of New Mexico had this happen, Timothy Young, also for suspicion of having drugs on his body after an alleged traffic violation, and an unidentified woman who was additionally subject to a vaginal search, this time in El Pase after crossing the border into the United States.

The first two searches were performed by physicians and staff at Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, New Mexico. These searches took hours.

It also appears from the Huffington Post article that these searches might not be legally problematic for the officers involved in committing the brutalities because the US Supreme Court okayed the violation of Fourth Amendment rights for suspected drug mules. That’s right, police officers and doctors legally committing rape under the guise of the Drug War.

The HP quotes  Associate Justice William Brennan dissent in United States v. Montoya de Herandez, “Indefinite involuntary incommunicado detentions ‘for investigation’ are the hallmark of a police state, not a free society.”

Again, we should ask ourselves some fundamental questions before we begin to look for what rights we have.

Is New Mexico so crime-free that the police officers can spend hours in the hospital monitoring repeated post-enema bowel movements? Can police officers in New Mexico read well enough to accurately serve a search warrant? Do doctors in New Mexico need investigated for rape? Can doctors in New Mexico read search warrants?

Do we have to give up the Bill of Rights in order to live freely, and is it worth it?



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